The Futility Monster

He'll pointlessly derive more enjoyment out of your resources than you

About The Author

Believe it or not, the Futility Monster is not actually a monster. And it’s not even his real name.

He is a graduate of one of the three (or is it two?) great universities, Hull. He is someone who thinks he’s smart because he got a first class degree in politics – quite possibly the most useless thing in existence. (Just kidding, honest!)

He doesn’t actually know if he has anything interesting to say about politics, but he’ll let you be the judge of that.

He has been a political blogger before – for three months in the run up to the 2005 UK General Election with material that was generally well received, including a remarkable prediction in May of that year that the Conservatives had to pick David Cameron if they were to succeed. (But the less said about his failure to see the STV as the solution to all electoral ills the better) Other than that, he has been an avid consumer of political blogs since the US election of 2004.

He wrote his undergraduate dissertation in 2008 on the impact of British political blogging.  It got a first, but it’s already looking very dated. One day soon, he’ll publish it, along with the entirety of his essays and ramblings collected over the years.

He was a member of the Liberal Democrats, until the tuition fees fiasco. He probably won’t ever rejoin, and he certainly won’t ever join any other party.

He probably should get a real job, but in the meantime he runs his own computer repair and computer sales business called ElpaTech. And if you look there, you might even find his real name.

Contacting the Futility Monster

He welcomes all your comments and/or hate mail to:


One Response to “About The Author”

  1. Peter Reynolds said

    I like your blog and I’ve added a link on mine!

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