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Nick Griffin Dislikes Democracy; Film At 11

Posted by The Futility Monster on August 11, 2010 @ 13:20

Another classic

I’m sure everyone is gripped by the news that later on today the BNP will announce if any of their members have reached the criteria to ensure a leadership election.

Apparently, three people want to challenge Nick Griffin, but the process is so arcane, and so confusing, that the hopeful candidates don’t even know themselves if they’ve passed the threshold for a successful nomination, which would force a contest. Some party bigwigs have to make that call. Hmm. Stitch up?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. No one knows. And not many people care. Least of all Nick Griffin:

“In 10 years, our activists and I have turned this party from a bad political joke into a major factor in British politics. There is still much to be done, and it is best done under proven, principled and visionary leadership, without futile, time-wasting elections.”

The truth is often ugly, and sometimes shocking. But this little pearl of wisdom is neither. It is beautiful, totally unsurprising, and fits the exact stereotype of the fascist leader we’ve all come to know and love.

Yes, it turns out that after all this time, Nick Griffin has no interest in what the electorate think of him. Certainly not a trifling bit of internal bureaucracy, a distraction from his important task at hand. Be gone, foul plebs, and let the grown-ups decide what’s best for you.

Still, at least Mr Griffin can’t wave away the voters in four years time. At least the crazy people of the North West will have a chance to cast a verdict on his “proven, principled and visionary leadership”. Unlike his own party members…

Or perhaps he’s worried, given all the messing around with the membership requirements for the BNP, that there could be a minority lying in wait to subvert the party.

Now that’s a good conspiracy theory, eh…


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