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Mean Government

Posted by The Futility Monster on July 31, 2010 @ 18:07


We know government can be mean, but the tale of my brother, and his foolishness in getting an ID card, is a cautionary one.

Planning a summer holiday abroad in March, and being passportless, he decided it would be a good idea if he got some sort of official documentation. After all, those pesky border police might just ask for it.

So he looked at the options. New passport? £80 odd quid. ID card, which will get him abroad, and though it might get some funny looks in foreign countries, will still do the job. And much cheaper at just £30.

I, naturally, told them this wasn’t a good trade-off, having a good feeling that regardless of the election outcome, ID cards would be scrapped entirely.

Sure enough, the inevitable happened. ID cards gone. Brother now the proud owner of an ornament.

He hoped there might be a way out. After sticking £30 in the government coffers, maybe the least they could do would be to offer a £30 discount on getting a new passport.

Nope, not a bit of it. That Nasty Theresa May told him instead that he’d spent £30 on a new family heirloom, and was not only going to scrap the scheme, but make it totally redundant within one month of the law passing. Sensible, I suppose. After all, it would only mean continued advice on what these cards look like so people can tell they’re genuine for the next 10 years…

But still… a small group of 13,200 people really don’t matter.

Maybe these people were naive. Maybe some of them were stupid. Maybe others were genuinely acting in good faith. Surely a little discount on a new passport wouldn’t have hurt? It might have even made money if it actually got them to spend another £50!

Just a little tale of how easy it is for a government to squish a very small, very quiet, minority.


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