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Liberties Secured, Thanks To Europe

Posted by The Futility Monster on July 1, 2010 @ 09:28

The European Court of Human Rights. And it even had a British architect. Hurrah!

OK, we all know the European Court of Human Rights is not the same as the EU, but they are of similar provenance. Born in the post-WWII era as an attempt to ensure the peaceful defence of human rights via due legal process, binding together the signatories in ways that will make it difficult for such injustices to occur again.

With that in mind, here comes the good news:

The Home Office says it is reviewing counter-terrorism laws after a European court decided the government could not appeal against a ruling that said random stop and searches were illegal.

The European Court of Human Rights came to its decision in January and it has now insisted it cannot be challenged.

Let’s be clear here. The European Court of Human Rights has done exactly what our own judiciary failed to do, that is, defend the rights of the individual from the concept of random stop-and-search without any requirement for even reasonable suspicion.

This case only arrived at the Court because we are signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights, and which is allowed to hear appeals regarding the Convention. Otherwise, we would have been left with this spineless judgement from our own courts.

2006 – “The use by police of anti-terror laws to stop and search demonstrators at an east London arms fair was valid, the House of Lords has ruled”

This particular case has been rumbling on for at least seven years, and has now finally reached its conclusion. The wheels of justice are indeed painfully slow, but it appears that, at last, they have ended at a very promising destination.

The chance now is open to the government to examine this nasty legislation and make it into some far more relevant and appropriate for today.

Just as well that UKIP, those bastions of defending British liberty, British sovereignty, British whatever, are not in power, eh.

After all, they would not only have us out of the EU, but the ECHR as well (see third to last paragraph).


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