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Budget Cuts: Get On With It

Posted by The Futility Monster on June 7, 2010 @ 09:55

This is what LabourList secretly hopes will be in the Emergency Budget so they can say "I told you so"

The tedium of politics in the last year or more has been the fact that everyone has been going round saying cuts are inevitable and yet nothing has actually happened.

Well, it sort of has with the £6.2bn cuts this year that the Coalition outlined, though we won’t know till afterwards if the targets for the efficiency savings will be met. In any event, they are a drop in the ocean for what’s required.

So seeing today that David Cameron is once again going to tell us that “painful” cuts are necessary, I had reason to have a little yawn.

Clearly the pols think the softening up process needs to continue in advance of this autumn’s Comprehensive Spending Review. That is going to be when the huge cuts will be unveiled, probably around 15-20% across the board, because of the protection to the NHS budget.

Before then though, there is this small matter of an “emergency” Budget.

The bizarre thing is that the Budget will probably not reveal anything more than we already know. It will be another step in the gradual narrative leading up to this autumn. It will be a one hour lecture from George Osborne detailing Labour’s profligacy, and taking some joy in reversing some of their recent decisions.

But we all know this by now. We all know what’s round the corner. We all know the Coalition is hell bent on cuts the likes of which the country hasn’t seen for decades. We expect that from Tories. It is their ideological dream, and to have the cover of a stonking great deficit for it is of supreme excitement to them.

We shall see what effect they have. There will be services curtailed and dropped altogether. Many of them will be used by only a minority of the population. The major things will survive and be reformed, making a lot of middle England wonder what all the fuss was about.

But if a double dip recession really is just peeping over the horizon, the Coalition better choose its medicine appropriately. Wouldn’t want to get lumbered with the epitaph of killing off the British economy, would they? That would look pretty damn stupid after the stick they gave the last lot…

Seems to me, then, that we’re stuck in a holding pattern, waiting to see how the Tories are going to spend their election/coalition mandate.

I just wish they’d get on with it. After all, if it really is an “emergency”…

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