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The Zeal Of The Converted

Posted by The Futility Monster on May 24, 2010 @ 08:38

Wot an odd thing to put on a wall

Throughout the election, Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem cast were very much opposed to cutting spending in this financial year. They attacked the Conservatives’ plan to do so. It was not appropriate at this point.

Now they’re all for it. In fact, they’re so for it that our new DPM did the tour of the TV studios yesterday morning to tell us all about it.

I find something rather unedifying about these kind of scenarios. Yes, people do change their minds, and maybe they really have been persuaded once they got to look at the books. But at no point have we had a credible explanation from Nick Clegg about what is responsible for this change…

It’s that that makes me worry. It makes me think that our so-called “new politics” is nothing but the same old shtick. That Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems all along planned to join in the big budget cuts regardless of what they said to the contrary. In fact, you can bet if the outcome was a Lib-Lab coalition that we’d probably be charting the same course around about now, only it would be Labour too admitting that they needed to start cutting now.

Then the biggest insult is the fact that Vince Cable, the man at the centre of all Lib Dem economic policy for at least the last five years, is going to be tasked with absorbing 1/6 of this year’s cuts in his department, which is ludicrous considering how small the budget of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is relative to the spending going on elsewhere.

Did Vince Cable spend the whole election arguing against immediate spending cuts, only to modify his entire position as soon as the ministerial limousines beckoned?

Because it’s either that, or he has been stitched up good and proper. Nice move of the Tories to put him in the department that’s going to take all the flak. He won’t quite be so popular once he starts wielding the axe.

Government is difficult, I recognise that. But it’s made even more difficult by being dishonest.

And that is what I’m, regretfully, concluding about my own party’s behaviour.

2 Responses to “The Zeal Of The Converted”

  1. Peter Reynolds said

    Surely getting into government is big reality check? Remember, the Lib Dems have not, for nearly 100 years, had the remotest chance of gaining power. (We’d probably all have said the same back in April) Now, here they are,locked into a coalition government for five years. No they haven’t been dishonest. They’ve just had to get real – very quickly.

    You and I first met when I commented on one of your posts about Facebook. I’ve finally got around to writing the piece that I’ve had fermenting away on the subject for months. Please leave a comment if you want to!

  2. The Druid said

    Couldnt agree more. Ive already argued this whole “new politics” thing is just a marketing ploy, Id forget about that straight away. But seeing Clegg at the weekend with this massive and unexplained U turn made me feel a bit queezy. Not because I disagree with making cuts sooner rather than later, per se. But because all these fierce debates before the election were so obviously completely meaningless hot air.

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