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Looks Like The New Parliament Is Stupid Too

Posted by The Futility Monster on May 18, 2010 @ 08:48

The Man Himself. He's been standing there for over a week now, waiting to "welcome" everyone back...

As usual, I’m being more than a little deceptive in the title, but this story just pisses me off:

John Bercow is set to become the first Speaker in living memory to have his re-appointment challenged by a vote in the House of Commons.

If, as James Landale has written in the story, it is true that some MPs object to Mr Bercow because he has cast aside even more of the “ceremonial” dress, then their obsession with such fripperies, rather than the serious issues facing this country, should make them ineligible to represent us.

Perhaps he’s just written that to make them sound a little silly. That’s what journalists often do, after all. But the serious accusation that he has been partisan needs some evidence.

Unfortunately, there isn’t… much. OK, maybe once or twice at PMQs he’s stopped a line of questioning with a rather bizarre explanation. But that’s the nature of the man. Everyone knew that he was going to enjoy the limelight and take his opportunity to exert his authority early. That’s what Speakers have to do though.

And now, today, we’re going to have this charade of embarrassingly precious MPs standing up to register a protest about him.

For wasting everyone’s time, and for reminding everyone once again why some politicians are idiots, and for kicking off this new Parliament with a show of farce so reminiscent of the last one, they really ought to hang their heads in shame.

Maybe they’ll rethink during the course of the day. Maybe they’ll realise that they are hopelessly outnumbered and decide it’s not worth the trouble of more bad headlines for being seen to be so fickle, so touchy, a mere nine months after forcing the old Speaker out and picking a new one.

Buyer beware, as they say.

Maybe they’ll be more careful next time. Perhaps the grass isn’t always greener…

UPDATE – 15:30: in the end, there was no vote. The number of MPs that shouted “No!” to oppose him can probably be counted on the digits of two hands. Common sense prevailed, and it’s time to move on…

3 Responses to “Looks Like The New Parliament Is Stupid Too”

  1. I have to disagree that his refusal to wear the ceremonial dress is something not to be concerned about. It shows a disregard for the position he has been granted, his excuse was that it made him feel ‘uncomfortable’ well you would think his 144,000 pound salary would make up for that.

    I think the main concern of those protesting though is the fact that he was caught up in the expenses scandal. Not only did he ‘flip’ his house to avoid paying capital gains tax but for 4 years he claimed more expenses than any other minister despite getting to live in lavish apartments under parliament clock tower.

    I think it is only right for MPs to show their distaste of such a man! Were I in their position I would do exactly the same thing.

  2. In case you haven’t noticed, dozens of other MPs were also caught in the expenses scandal, many of whom have also been returned to Parliament. If the electorate still want them, then we have little choice to forgive them of their past sins, and hope that they have learned their lesson.

    I’m prepared to give even the disgraceful flippers another chance. It’s time to move on.

  3. The thing with Bercow is that he didn’t have any real opposition during the election, other than UKIP and the BNP. Perhaps if a main party candidate had stood against him he would not have been re-elected.

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