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30 Days

Posted by The Futility Monster on April 6, 2010 @ 09:37

This might have been spoofable, if more people had seen the film...

That’s all there is left of this wretched Labour administration.

Not that I have much enthusiasm for what follows.

Today Gordon Brown will “get permission” to dissolve Parliament off the Queen. A ridiculous notion, but one that the media loves. Nicholas Witchell gets his four/five yearly chance to stand with Buck House in the background, uttering in his clipped Received Pronunciation about the formality of the occasion. Pass me the sick bag.

Parliament, of course, still has business to attend to, including the awful Digital Economy Bill. I fully expect this to slip through, largely because Labour were crafty enough to start it in the House of Lords, the only place where an opposition can make changes or delay it. If Labour wanted, they could use their majority to pass it, unamended, and that’s the end of the matter. No “wash up” or negotiation with the other parties needed.

So Parliament will carry on sitting for a few more days, just so we can ensure many more of Labour’s disastrous laws are put on the statute book. A few more laws which have zero credibility, and no legitimacy at all, signed off as they are by this most rotten of Parliaments.

That’s why I’m so looking forward to this election, despite what I fear is the inevitable outcome of a Tory landslide. It will be nice to, at least temporarily, have a government that is empowered by a recent election result, a party leader fully in control, with a backbench resolutely on his side as a result of the victory. For once in quite a while, we’ll have a government that will at least be in office and in power.

30 days left of this listless, lifeless, moribund, empty, battered, idea-free Labour government.

In some respects, I’m really looking forward to the Labour manifesto; it will be the closest we ever get to a party admitting it wants to be in power purely for the sake of power, simply because there is no ideological lifeblood coursing through the party any more. That kind of revolution will have to wait till they’re on the Opposition benches again.

And as for the Lib Dems… I’m excited, but also nervous. The opportunity of fair coverage in the weeks ahead, and the Prime Ministerial debates, will give Nick Clegg and his team an unprecedented chance to put across the party’s message in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Previous Lib Dem leaders could only dream of this chance. Charles Kennedy had the political climate in his favour in 2005, but he certainly didn’t get to stand on the same stage as Blair, and get a chance to look like a Prime Minister in waiting.

Nick Clegg will get that, and on his head will be the consequences.

As for Mr Cameron, the sky is the limit. But as I wrote last August, he really could do with a landslide.

Fun times ahead for us politicos.


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