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The Privileges Of MPs

Posted by The Futility Monster on March 12, 2010 @ 09:24

The four alleged crims. Wot a gallery of rogues they are.

Yesterday’s appearance in Westminster Magistrates Court of the MPs accused of expenses fiddles was an excellent reminder to us all that no one should be above the law.

Not even MPs.

But what was most disgusting of all was that these clowns Still Don’t Get It.

Their appeal to not have to appear “in the dock” was contemptible. They have been charged with a crime. A crime they wish to deny and defend themselves against. The way to do that in this country is not to go all Milosevic on us and start questioning the authority of the court.

But that was what they did.

Not content with merely not wanting to appear like the common crim and standing in the dock, they then insisted that the court has no right to try them, because the “proceedings” of Parliament are protected by the absolute privilege granted by the Bill of Rights 1689.

Wisely, the magistrate ignored their demands, and referred the case to a higher authority.

When you’re already incredibly unpopular, been deselected by your party, and facing police investigations which will tar you for the rest of your life, the wisest course of action is either to hold your hands up and say “Fair cop, guv!” or come out fighting with a media barrage of innocence and insisting that you will clear your good name from these outrageous allegations.

Instead, the clowns, in a desperate attempt to “plead the fifth” as the Americans might say, are not even going to comment on their innocence or otherwise, simply because they believe that no court has the power to try them, only Parliament.

And since Parliament has no backbone, if they succeed, they will walk free, and yet the allegations of crimes under the Theft Act will never actually be tested.

When the CPS first made the statement that they were going to charge these MPs, the MPs then released their own rebuttal, which implied that they were going to plead a defence of privilege. I spotted it at the time, and am suitably chuffed about it.

But they cannot be right. They must not be right. Or Parliament’s reputation will not only be dead and buried, but its grave will be well and truly pissed upon.


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