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Brown Bottles It. Again.

Posted by The Futility Monster on March 10, 2010 @ 10:58

The first botched election created opportunities like this which have never went away since.

In the latest in a series of Labour own goals, Brown’s announcement this morning that the Budget will be in two weeks, meaning an almost certain May 6 election, is yet another missed opportunity.

The polls have been narrowing. Labour have had almost wall to wall coverage. Economic figures have been revised in their favour. The momentum is going their way. The media is bigging up the prospects of an extremely close battle.

And still Brown declines to “go early”.

An April 8 election would have been perfect. No need for a pre-election Budget. The country will manage without one. It would be easy to say that it is unwise to have a Budget at this delicate stage of recovery, and until we get a clearer grasp on whether the recession is over.

It would also have been before the release of the Q1 2010 GDP figure. That little moment has the potential to ruin even the best, most disciplined Labour election campaign in history.

But the big advantage would have been to shock the country and seize the initiative. A bold move, designed to put the Tories on the back foot, and take advantage of the turning of the tide. A sign that he is confident that the tightening of the polls will continue and perhaps even result in Labour leads.

It might also stop the country getting too bored of the endless electioneering we’re currently suffering. Patience for politicians is at an all time low anyway. Too much petty politicking will make it certain that we’re all going to switch off and give up. And a low turnout at such a critical election would do serious damage to the legitimacy of the resulting Parliament, at a time when a stonking mandate for government is needed.

But we should expect no less from Gordon Brown. Far from being a bully and too aggressive, his record has shown time and time again that he is weak, timid, bruised by battle scars and clearly just one defeat from being at the end of his political career. In Britain anyway.

Having said that, he is a survivor. And survivors know how to dodge the bullet.

Maybe Gordon likes the sound of a June election after all…


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