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What Do Panicked Tories Do?

Posted by The Futility Monster on March 1, 2010 @ 21:22

Not sure about the quasi "Neighbours" font...

They lurch to the right.

Oh, those halcyon days when David Cameron was a “liberal conservative”.

We got treated to the delights of the “Vote Blue, Go Green” campaign.

Yes, remember when everyone thought climate change was the big bad wolf that needed ousting. And Cameron cycled to work, and got wind turbines installed on his wisteria-pruned roof to show off his credentials.

What happened to it all? What happened to talking about justice and rehabilitation? What happened to the rhetoric of centre ground social justice as fairness? What happened to the charity husky-dog sleigh rides to the North Pole?

It disappeared when the Tories polled a stonkingly small 37%. A clearly rogue poll that has set the pulses quickening, largely because the media wants nothing better than a proper fight, despite having done their best to batter Brown into the dust.

Now it’s all about debt, discipline and taxes. Solid right wing stuff.

Curiously, Liam Fox defended this new strategy by insisting that they just couldn’t squeeze in all the pledges they wanted, but they still want to do them all. Hmm. They’ve already got six, clearly to differentiate themselves from the unbelievably New Labour strategy of “five pledges”. Why not go the whole hog!

But there’s no need for any of this. Like I’ve said before, if the Tories get lower than 40% of the GB vote at the General Election, I’ll eat my already-gnawed hat. The poll is not showing that Labour are hoovering up Tory votes. They’re stealing soft votes of Lib Dems and other floaters, most of whom will probably not bother voting anyway. Meanwhile, the Tory absolutes are still there. They will be ready whenever Gordon calls the election.

The rumours are that it this is not Cameron’s strategy. He wanted to stay firmly on the centre. But the recession forced his hand, and turned the game in the direction of how George Osborne wanted to play it. Brutal, sharp-elbowed, and undeniably Conservative. And, make no mistake about it, when else will you get a better chance to slash the size of the state – something all Conservatives truly want to do at heart – when there is the perfect excuse of a recession and a debt mountain?

And yet… it’s clear they’re over-reacting. Falling right into a Gordon Brown laid trap, of all things.

Stay calm, Conservatives. You’ve got this far on image alone. Why not complete the job?

UPDATE 22:10 – see what I mean? Nothing to worry about.


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