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MOTs For Teachers

Posted by The Futility Monster on February 26, 2010 @ 21:17

Was bloody hard to find an image for this post. And even this is a cop out!

Where Scotland leads…

Keith Brown [Scotland’s Schools Minister] has told the profession’s regulator, the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), to introduce a system of “re-accreditation” to ensure all staff are performing competently.

This is a very long overdue piece of news, and we can only hope it teaches England a thing to two.

Teaching is not like any other profession. It requires the teacher to be absolutely at the top of their game throughout their entire career. At least, if we’re talking about good teachers.

Good teachers are an extraordinary blend of a lot of qualities. But part of the mix is, naturally, being right up to date with both the subject you’re teaching, and the ways in which to teach it.

Teachers do all this now, of course. INSET days, the bane of all teachers’ existence, and the love of students worldwide, are all about keeping teachers up to date. A lot of them are rubbish. An INSET day about the latest piece of government tat, healthy eating,  social care databases… but some of them are indeed worthwhile.

The difficulty though is that we need to be aiming higher. I don’t like to denigrate the teaching profession, because they do a wonderful job, but they are carrying a lot of passengers. There are more new teachers than ever coming through the system, and not enough places for them. We need to use this opportunity get rid of the dross, pension them off, whatever, and start to improve the quality.

We need to settle for no less than “good” teachers everywhere. Turning those into “great” teachers should be a priority.

Teachers owe it to their profession to stay sharp through their career. And if they can’t do it any more (or maybe have never been able to) they either need to be more honest and quit going through the motions for an easy pay cheque, or be removed.

Teachers carry out professional development throughout their career, and rightly so.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to ensure that the nation’s teachers are the absolute best for our children. And in return, let’s cut a bit of the form filling out of the job…

3 Responses to “MOTs For Teachers”

  1. Jock said

    Alternatively, put the “buying power” for education into the hands of those who actually use it, parents and their children, and it’ll soon do the job. Why *does* the state have to do everything?

  2. Yes, Jock. After all, parents currently have exactly no choice about which school to send their children to, and are forced to attend the nearest comprehensive.

  3. Jock said

    A Hobson’s choice between two branches of the same monopoly supplier whose head office sets virtually all policy and is “always right” and whose own in-house inspectors only provide the oversight is hardly “choice”.

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