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Do Labour Actually Want To Lose The Election?

Posted by The Futility Monster on February 24, 2010 @ 08:00

Some things probably seemed funny at the time, like this Tory stunt. But it just looks rather... weird. Maybe it's the knee length white socks.

I don’t know about you but there is something in Labour’s behaviour that makes me think they are trying desperately hard to lose this next election.

After all, the past few days have seen the polls start to close, with a mere six point gap. A very exciting prospect for those of us who want a hung parliament and throw the country into a constitutional crisis!

But that’s no good for Labour. Because, as I wrote the other day, Labour’s organisation is woeful. They score too many own goals, and last night was yet another of them:

The chancellor says No 10 and the Tories unleashed “the forces of hell” when he predicted the worst recession for 60 years

What on Earth, at this point, with Labour feeling like they’ve gotten through a storm with almost no additional damage, would make Alistair Darling decide that now is the time to kick off yet another story about Gordon Brown’s style of government?

Let’s be clear, the Alistair Darling interview was nothing particularly new. Everyone knew there was an effort to remove him as Chancellor. The question mark, as always, was whether Brown was the orchestrator of it. Darling didn’t actually say he was. The problem is that it all harks back to a time when Derek Draper was having a major influence on government PR, and that little episode was very costly indeed to Labour’s poll ratings.

Labour really don’t want to remind everyone of the rather nasty individuals Gordon Brown had in his highest offices, running his media operation.

Or maybe they do.

Because it all just seems too coincidental. Every time they seem to be going along well, something throws them off course again.

I know I’ve said this is a good election to lose, but you never expect the national government to actually believe it…


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