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Is Blair Lying?

Posted by The Futility Monster on January 29, 2010 @ 10:33

Turns out this 1997 Tory poster was accurate all along...

Well, there is a good way of telling. And it’s so clichéd I don’t even need to tell you.

This morning I’ve been watching Blair answer questions at the Iraq Inquiry.

He is still an old master, and he is thriving in this environment where he is given free reign to deliver monologue after monologue about his sincerely held beliefs.

There’s no doubting that this man utterly believes, in every fiber of his being, that he did the right thing. What he sees that no one else does is remarkably unclear.

Even worse, the Inquiry panel members are not particularly probing, and continue to ask gentle questions which give Blair even further opportunity to justify his madcap schemes.

Indeed, Blair has just this second claimed, with a straight face, that his “probing” interview with Fern Britton was such a grilling that she managed to get him to say something he didn’t mean: i.e. that if he knew then what he knows now that he wouldn’t have made an argument to justify the war on WMDs.

The Iraq Inquiry is extremely forensic and full of legalese. Answering an accusation which requires a yes or no answer with “Well, that’s nonsense” is not actually an answer. It merely suggests that that particular accusation is incorrect, but it doesn’t mean a slightly changed version of it could be correct.

Again, this is something Blair delights in. With his legal background, undoubtedly thorough preparation, and his genuine talent for acting, he can deflect and redirect any question and actually get away with it. Questions on Iraq, well our whole attitude towards “dictators” changed as a result of 9/11… even though no one actually asked about 9/11, and 9/11 had absolutely nothing to do with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

The problem for most people is that this is just not interesting any more. Most people have already decided Blair lied to the country over Iraq, for whatever reason – though everyone has their own favourite justification.

This Inquiry, while interesting in a narrative/historical sense, and may draw some interesting conclusions for lessons learned, will not actually answer the question as to whether this war was the right thing to do… and really, that’s all that matters to most people.

All I can say is that we are extremely fortunate that this lunatic is no longer our Prime Minister. After saying this morning that he would be pushing just as hard on Iran at the moment, because of the nuclear issue, he would have us – potentially – on the verge of starting yet another conflict.


4 Responses to “Is Blair Lying?”

  1. Neil Craig said

    And of course Bliar did lie & is a war criminal. He engaged in an illegal war, fought for the deliberate purpose of assisting in racial genocide, ethnci cleansing, the sexual enslavement of children & the disection of thousands of living people to steal their body organs – all done to promote the Nazi cause. And you know what – he did this under the prodding & with the very enthusiastic support of the racist murderers running the Libdems.

    Some hypocrisy then in pretending concern anbout the later 7 much less criminal war against Iraq.

  2. Greenfield said

    Is there a doctor in the house?

  3. andy said

    Neil Craig…………..what can i say, …………..yes, is there a Doctor in the house??

  4. Neil Craig said

    Well you could say I was wrong & why.

    Well actually you clearly couldn’t, nor can any other LibDem.

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