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State Of The Obama

Posted by The Futility Monster on January 28, 2010 @ 10:39

I suppose this is funny to Americans...

It says it all when Obama is craftily reminding everyone that he never promised that he alone would deliver change…

But remember this – I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I could do it alone

And, you know what, he is right. I could have sworn I’d written about it before, but if I have I can’t find the post where I did, but it had always been abundantly clear to me that Candidate Obama was saying to the American people that if you want change, I can help you, but you are the ones who’ll actually have to do it from the bottom up.

After one year in government, Obama is now all too painfully aware of the defects in the American constitution, the goal of which is to ensure that real change is boringly slow, if not impossible.

He has faced the obstruction of a Senate, tied up in knots by its own ludicrous rules allowing a single Senator gigantic power to delay executive appointments. It seems ridiculous after a year, but there are literally hundreds of posts in the Obama administration that are unfilled or pending Senate confirmation.

Of course, too, there is the endless use of the filibuster that doesn’t actually require Republicans to do any real filibustering, which has basically changed the rules to say that 60 votes are needed to pass anything. And then, even when Democrats actually had a nominal 60 votes, they spent all their time squabbling over what they were going to do with their new-found power. Fortunately, that luxury is now going to be denied to them.

Meanwhile, the absurdity of a Supreme Court decision granting corporations unlimited power to finance political campaigns highlights just how much of a joke that institution has become.

Then there is the impact all of this has had on the American people, who were anxious for real change quickly. Well, they just gave up. The coalition that brought Obama to power was eager and willing for quick reform.

It didn’t happen, and now they’re sitting on their hands.

They await real action from Obama. They were willing to do a lot of the work, but when they saw Obama being too distant, too aloof from the process – merely asking the Congress to send him a health bill – they got mightily pissed off when the delays and obstruction from the opposition actually worked.

Last night’s State of the Union may be a sign that Obama is going to be a bit more hands on in future. Obama must surely realise that if he doesn’t concentrate wholly on delivering domestic goods for the American people over the next year, his party will be decimated in the coming elections, and then he’ll soon see what real obstructionism is all about.

A year ago I would have said Obama was an absolute shoo-in for a second term. But if he doesn’t change the agenda, seize the initiative and bring his errant party under control, he will have a real battle on his hands come 2012.

3 Responses to “State Of The Obama”

  1. kip said

    Amazingly inaccurate.
    We, the American people, have NOT given up.
    And Obama was too distant from healthcare? Then why were republicans blasting him for months for spending all his time on healthcare, while “dithering” on Afghanistan, and not focusing 100% on jobs? Obama even gave a special address to Congress on the issue. Remember, “You lie”?
    Look, I understand you don’t like the guy, but please stick to the facts?

  2. I can only assume you didn’t actually read my post. Wasn’t it clear from my mentioning of Republican obstructionism and an absurd Supreme Court ruling that I’m on Obama’s side?

    You may not have given up, but the polling data is pretty clear. The Democrats who put Obama in power are desperate for him to deliver the change. But until he does they are going to sit the next election out. That’s why Democrat voter motivation is so low and the Republicans so high. Hence the Massachusetts farce.

    Obama must get more directly involved in the negotiations. I get the feeling he doesn’t want too though because he’s desperate to try to appear bipartisan and above-the-fray. It won’t wash. The Republicans will continuing throwing shit in all directions no matter what. He needs to roll up his sleeves and fight harder for what he wants to achieve.

  3. kip said

    I read your post, I agreed with part of it. I wrote about what I disagreed with. I was just trying to have an honest, open dialog.

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