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Liberal No More

Posted by The Futility Monster on January 12, 2010 @ 20:37

He might have needed this afterwards. If only...

Whilst watching feral youths scampering about on a frozen canal a few days ago, including one utter fool who was on a bike, deliberately bouncing up and down to try to make it break, a rather nasty little thought crossed my mind.

I wanted the ice to break. I was hoping, praying to some non-existent entity. Or better still, wishing that the natural laws of physics would take their course.

They didn’t. They never do. Pillocks like that seem to get away with such lunacy. And they always have done, well before the days of health and safety legislation and councils being sued for so-called negligence when they failed to install a proper, complete barrier around such danger zones.

All of these thoughts at the time just made me even more determined to see that ice crack. Oh, they’d all get a lesson they truly deserved, my evil brain was saying.

But is that fair?

Then I started to get guilty. What kind of liberal thinks like that? So much for my empathy for my fellow humans. So much for wanting to understand what makes these people tick, and trying to see what might have made them have such disrespect for themselves and others.

That reassured my liberal piety and self-righteousness.

But I still wanted them to fall.

Just a little…

Who wouldn’t?


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