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Pollwatching: The Del Amitri Way

Posted by The Futility Monster on November 16, 2009 @ 10:24

Del Amitri

Were they Tory voters too?

Nearly two weeks after our last look at the polls, in which nothing happened, it may surprise you to learn that…

  • Conservatives: 40% (N/C)
  • Labour: 23% (N/C)
  • Lib Dems: 23% (N/C)

Nothing has happened. Nothing ever happens. Nothing happens at all.

I would continue now to assert that the needle does return to the start of the song, but I think that would be too obvious.

Instead, I would merely remind you that the election clock continues to tick against Labour, and these continued anaemic ratings are just a sign of how impossible the task is for them.

And yet… the most frustrating part about any of this is that we will soon be living under a Conservative government that haven’t had to do anything. OK, Cameron has cleaned up the image of the party, detoxified the brand, as the marketing consultants have told us.

But what will be the actual difference his government will make? We don’t really know, as Labour’s complete implosion has meant Cameron hasn’t had to tell us. The people are so fed up with Labour that any old alternative would do. Except maybe Iain Duncan Smith. That would be pushing it.

It would be nice to think that Cameron might soon deem us worthy of hearing what his big plans are for Britain. You know, the specifics. How many schools, hospitals, etc will have to close. How much will be cut from the budgets. Including the defence one. How many public sector workers will inevitably lose their jobs.

Not that I’m disagreeing about the need for cuts; I’ve made that case myself before. But at least the Lib Dems have made some headway in describing where the axe will fall, though, naturally, even our plans are way short of what’s necessary.

But the fact is that Cameron has been obfuscating since December 2005. Four years of practice makes him an expert at dodging the issues. Why break the habit of a lifetime, when that habit has brought you a solid 40% median poll rating for almost the whole year pre-election?

In truth, what the public are probably missing is that such behaviour makes Cameron a politician. A politician just like the many others British political life has always produced.

He won’t be anything special. He won’t change all that much.

But he’s not Labour. And he certainly isn’t Gordon Brown.

And, apparently, that’s what the British public want.

Here’s to many more wasted years.


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