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Spoke Too Soon

Posted by The Futility Monster on October 28, 2009 @ 10:48

Yesterday I twittered that I would be back in business tomorrow.

Alas, I spoke too soon.

Through a combination of ineptitude, bad luck and downright lies, I am still without internet in my new abode.

Though it may not have been obvious over the past few days as I’ve steadily released a stream of posts I made earlier. Though the lack of topicality may have given the game away…

Anyway, the consequence is that blogging will again be light. I know, it’s as disappointing for you as it is for me…

The funny thing about not being able to blog is that I’m actually missing it. Not being able to write out my angry thoughts and turn them into something coherent and vaguely rational. It’s a very cathartic process.

I watch the news daily, listen to it on the radio too… and have been reading the newspapers from cover to cover, courtesy of the fine library I’m using now for the internet. And I read things and think, “I know, I’ll write a post about that!”

And then… reality returns.

Of course, reality is all around as I sit in this library. Some people are clearly insane. Others drunk. Others lonely. Others fallen on hard times. Others cheapskates. Others filled with the joys of being part of a public community and resource. Others are single parents, looking for ways to pass the time.

Funny thing is… most of them use Facebook.

Even the old duffers.


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