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Will You Be Watching?

Posted by The Futility Monster on October 20, 2009 @ 08:17

A Face For Radio?

A Face For Radio?

It seems the most anticipated political event of the moment has got to be the BNP’s presence on the BBC’s flagship political programme Question Time.

It’s also the one that’s generated the most hot air.

To me, it’s pretty simple. They are a political party. They are not illegal. OK, there’s a little hooha with their constitution, but let’s be realistic, whether they admit minorities into membership is totally immaterial, since they are so evidently racist. I can’t imagine there are many blacks champing at the bit to sign up once the party’s rules have been amended…

From that premise, they have a right to freedom of speech, just like anyone in this country. Naturally, there are limits on freedom of speech, more than I would like in a truly liberal society. But broadly, as long as they are not soliciting violence or inciting racial hatred, they are just as entitled to that speech as you or I.

However, one might argue that they often do cross that. Well… yes, but that’s not for us to judge. That’s what the police are there for. I’ve no doubt they will be watching carefully. Even if they aren’t, some clever sod in one of the political parties will be firing off a complaint if Nick Griffin uses the airwaves to call for the slaughter of all ethnic minorities living in council houses. And, naturally, since the programme isn’t live, the BBC’s legal team will ensure that anything dodgy doesn’t make the final edit.

Indeed, if Griffin pushes it too far, the whole programme might consist of the other politicians on the panel and members of the public attacking Griffin endlessly without an obvious right to reply – which would seriously backfire.

They are a political party with elected representatives. Like it or not, they have councillors across the nation, and members of the European Parliament. They represent their constituents, and clearly have a mandate to voice the concerns of the tiny minority of people who have cast a ballot in their favour.

Consequently, just as the Greens and UKIP get their moment in the sun on Question Time, so too should the BNP.

It will be an entertaining affair, I’m sure. There will be much playing to the gallery. There will be a typical BBC-orchestrated moment when an ethnic minority asks the first question (on immigration policy, no doubt), and David Dimbleby will give Nick Griffin the first reply. There will be pantomime groans and cheers from the audience.

And, one thing’s for certain, the ratings will be higher than they have been for Question Time in a long time. This one has been so hyped to death (something politicians always seem to do where the BNP are concerned) that it would be amazing if there was anything less than a 50% rise in its audience.

Nick Griffin is no pushover oratorically, though. I just hope the rest of the panel are up to the challenge without pouring the usual establishment disapproval on them.

That would only play right into their hands.


One Response to “Will You Be Watching?”

  1. Dav123 said

    Exactly, they are a legitimate party with two legitimate members of the European Parliament. I personally disagree with their policies and ethos but recognise their right, just as much as any other minor party, to appear on Question Time.

    Check out my thoughts and take part in a poll:

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