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Cameron To Forecast Sunshine

Posted by The Futility Monster on October 8, 2009 @ 08:11

A glorious screengrab from the Marr interview on Sunday (h/t

A glorious screengrab from the Marr interview on Sunday (h/t

Remember this?

Let sunshine win the day

It all seems so long ago now. Cameron’s remark was derided at the time as being a little bit, well, naff.

But now I would give anything to return to those heady days, pre-recession, when it seemed the only glumness in British politics was being provided by Gordon Brown, that the boom would carry on forever, and the shift to a new post-material politics would be all about modern subjects like environmentalism, globalisation and international development.

That was the key to Cameron’s appeal. Remember his first PMQs: where he derided the institution, accused Chief Whips of behaving like children and pledged to back the government’s education reforms? It was almost like a breath of fresh air. I say “almost” because those education reforms were and are a nonsense. But it felt like it was the beginning of a new approach.

As usual, my optimism was misplaced.

But, in light of changing events, a new Cameron has had to emerge: the sober realist. Looking serious in tough times. When was the last time you saw an open-necked shirt?

Yes, hard times have meant a new outlook. Grim, dark and carrying the worries of a failing economy on his furrowed brow. And, as I said yesterday, it’s remarkably depressing, and hardly likely to stir the voters into action. It’s all a far cry from those youthful, Blair-like, naive, pleas to let the rays of sunshine back into the political world.

But wait!

Did Cameron read my post yesterday, or something?

Apparently so.

David Cameron will seek to strike an optimistic note when he delivers his main Conservative conference speech.

Well. I suppose it would inappropriate really to end on anything other than a high note for the Tory conference. Of course, the devil is in the details, and it still sounds like it will be a far cry from what we used to hear.

The only problem is all this morose chagrin, and now an attempt to get away from it, is once more distracting us from the fact that Tory policy is still a hard thing to come by. There is some policy that you get from opposing Government: e.g. scrap ID cards, scrap Heathrow Airport expansion. But there’s no substitute for a positive agenda.

Alas, there will be nothing of the sort in Cameron’s speech according to Nick Robinson (same as previous source):

the Tory leader expected instead to focus on the qualities he believes will decide the next election – character, judgement and leadership.

How convenient that he’s decided those are the things that will “decide the next election”! Now he won’t have to talk about trifling little matters like treating the electorate like grown ups and telling them what his plans are!

Such cynicism.

But, as usual, the politicians deserve it.


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