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Clegg (Gets His Point) Over

Posted by The Futility Monster on July 18, 2009 @ 18:29

Much as Clegg is doing well lately, pictures like this really shouldn't be on the Internet...

Much as Clegg is doing well lately, pictures like this really shouldn't be on the Internet...

I can’t be the only one to have noticed that lately we seem to be witnessing an extremely active Nick Clegg.

Either that or someone is doing a very good job in the PR department of the Lib Dems.

It seems not a day goes by at the moment without Nick Clegg getting a column of some kind in a newspaper. Of course that’s all well and good, because not many people read newspapers these days. But it does feed into the national agenda, because like it or not the broadcast media are very much in hock with the newspapers for going with their stories.

Maybe I’ll be more excited about this one when he gets a column into The Sun, as that would give him a chance to get noticed by a much wider social range of people than those who peruse The Independent. Though that might just suggest we’re doing something that pleases Mr Murdoch (any Murdoch will do). And that can’t possibly be a good thing!

Meanwhile, there’s the various experiments with the social media platforms: including his “interview” via Twitter. A novel idea, but obviously very limited to simple replies. Perhaps that says something about the attention span of today. What if someone had asked him to explain how he will reform the tax system? Don’t think you can do that in under 140 characters!

But most of all it’s the policy positions that seem to be catching the eye. Maybe it’s opportunism, but his intervention on Afghanistan, while hardly principled (not yet, anyway), was indeed timely.

Then there was Trident, in which the Lib Dems have been the first one to stick their necks on the line to suggest it might not be such a good thing after all.

And as we all know, I don’t think Speaker Michael Martin would have gone anywhere if it wasn’t for Clegg breaking the usual conventions wide open with his opposition to his continued presence.

What it is showing though is that on the back of that Gurkha thing, Clegg appears to have built up a very favourable media persona. One that they don’t seem to be ignoring as much as they used to. A bit of good faith that he is now cashing in. And the media are willing to listen.

Even better, the polls seem to be responding. Maybe things aren’t going to be too bad for us at the next election after all.


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