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The Slaughtering of the GOATs

Posted by The Futility Monster on July 8, 2009 @ 01:57

Do you know this man? Because, apparently, Gordon Brown is his biggest fan.

Do you know this man? Because, apparently, Gordon Brown is his biggest fan.

With the news that Lord Malloch Brown (who he?) is to leave the government in the next few weeks, one can’t help but wonder whether Gordon Brown can get anything right.

After all, has he not just concluded what must have been a very difficult reshuffle due to the extreme lack of talent left on his benches? If, as Malloch Brown claims, he has always planned to leave the government, why did he not do it just a few weeks ago when there was an ample opportunity to go without the potential for causing any further embarrassment for the Labour leadership?

Because, surely, Gordon Brown would have known that he had another minister – one who is no stranger to controversy after being appointed as a member of Gordon Brown’s “government of all the talents” – who was on the verge of leaving his government?

If he did, and ignored it, then he is stupid, because he must have known that now the speculation will begin as to exactly why Malloch Brown is going, and why at this very particular moment.

After all, it does seem odd to go right now. What else has the man achieved in the extra few weeks he’s going to be there that he couldn’t have done by going when there was a much better opportunity to? He could easily have slipped away without causing any further distress to a government he claims to support.

Alternatively, if Gordon Brown didn’t know Malloch Brown was planning to go, then why didn’t he? Did Malloch Brown not trust him? Or did Gordon Brown (this is getting silly now)  just have no contact with a minister he says has done “outstanding work”?

If the old pals act, as is now being played out, is to be believed, then I don’t accept that they couldn’t have found a smoother way at a more appropriate juncture to move Malloch Brown on. Instead, they’ve played right into the hands of a media agenda which just can’t wait to bash Gordon Brown with anything they can get their grubby hands on.

The conclusion: either Malloch Brown is not departing on such friendly terms after all, or they really are completely cloth-eared to the hole they’ve dug themselves into, and are happy to see it all continue to drift out of their control.

Stunts like this make me more and more convinced with each passing day that Labour actually wants to lose the next election.


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