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Who Will Be Speaker

Posted by The Futility Monster on June 22, 2009 @ 09:36

Around these parts, I’m not one for pussy-footing over predictions. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. If I’m right, well – it simply reaffirms my genius.

Would you buy a used car from her?

Would you buy a used car from her?

Today, MPs will elect Margaret Beckett as their new Speaker.

The sad thing about my prediction is that it looks like I’m jumping on the bandwagon. After all, the wonderful people around Political Betting have spent the past few days reading tea leaves and inspecting rabbit entrails to see which way the wind is blowing. Wow, that really is a mixed metaphor. Anyway – they have generally come to the same conclusion.

But I assure you that from the moment Michael Martin was defenestrated, I have always thought Labour MPs would be out for revenge. For some reason, Labour MPs were very attached to “their” Speaker. He was “one of them”. We’re led to believe that they liked him because he came from a similar background to them, which is, of course, patent nonsense when most Labour MPs, and all future ones, are careerist politicians from very sensibly middle-class backgrounds.

Anyway – for whatever reason, Labour MPs had a sense of ownership with Michael Martin. He would look after them. He seems to have done a very good job, especially in terms of defending them from FoI until the inevitable. Oh, and that strange business involving a police raid on Parliament and an Opposition MP…

And now those whippersnappers in the Liberal Democrats and other opposition parties had the temerity to remove him!

It became very clear that Labour’s motives were questionable when the stories abounded about them wanting to vote for John Bercow – purely as a way to annoy the Conservatives who, apparently, aren’t all too enamoured with the chap.

Of course, it never crossed anybody’s mind at any point that we probably shouldn’t be playing politics with the chair of our Parliament – our legislature. Of course it didn’t. The Parliament is so ignored, so feeble, so emasculated, so impotent, that MPs won’t hesitate for a second to abuse the people’s only elected representation at a national level for such contemptible purposes.

But then John Bercow slipped out of the picture. It’s not clear why, but into the breach, curiously – considering she has been a frontbencher for a very long time, and showed no prior interest in the job – stepped Mrs Beckett. That there had, up to that point, been no other credible Labour candidate (sorry, Parmjit) should surely have made alarm bells ring. The field had obviously been cleared for her entry.

All of a sudden a big Labour beast emerges.

So we have the motive. We have the means. And today Labour MP’s will get the opportunity.

There is but one caveat. This is the first Speakership election under a secret ballot, with an exhaustive process of elimination, and nobody can possibly predict how that will affect the voting. The system was used electing the Conservative leader – and we all know how that went as David Davis’ declared supporters didn’t actually vote for him…

But let’s face it. Labour MPs are in the majority. They have suffered a defeat at the hands of the opposition when their Speaker got the boot. They have a respectable (in their eyes) candidate. They are completely out of tune with what the public wants (a “clean” candidate with no expenses taint). They obviously didn’t watch Question Time.

If they act as a unit, their choice will be unstoppable.

My prediction is that they will.


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